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Indrayanti Beaches ( Pulang Syawal Beach )

Indrayanti Beaches
Indrayanti Beaches ( Pulang Syawal Beach ), DI Yogyakarta, Indonesia 

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When someone asks me what beaches in Yogyakarta's most popular today, the answer is probably not Parang tritis anymore. Greet the new belle: Beach Indrayanti. 

Indrayanti is not the official name of this beach. As per the name given Gunungkidul District Government, its official name is the Pulang Syawal Beach. So where "Indrayanti" come from? Apparently, one of the famous café located on the beach.

What distinguishes Indrayanti Coast of the other beaches in Yogyakarta making it so popular? Fine white sandy beach is quite long, about 500 meters away. With such sand, this beach is perfect for bringing the family. The topography is different to many other beaches that it offers beauty Gunungkidul another form of coral reefs in the coastal lip. Although the beach is relatively long, wide beach include short so when the tide sandy area became more narrow.

Another advantage? The waterfront filled with cafes and restaurants. For some people, the condition is likely to cause offense because it undermines the natural scenery. But for many others, it's just fun because they can relax in comfort in one of the restaurant while enjoying the sound waves. 

The existence of such cafes would remind me of the beaches in Bali or Lombok. Indrayanti may still be the only beach with cafes and restaurants because the other beaches there are usually only traditional stalls set up by local residents. 

Indrayanti coast offers beautiful scenery, with cliffs visible on the left side. Big waves, typical of the Indian Ocean, so visitors should be careful. You can surf, play banana boat and jet ski here.

Indrayanti coast including new beach also has quite a lot of accommodation options. Some hotels even located right on the waterfront. Do not expect a luxury resort, mostly in the form of accommodation with standard amenities. 

Although not fancy, the inn-lodging is quite pleasant and clean. The price is also affordable. After all, who the hell needs a cable TV or bathtub in the room, when the white sandy beach with stunning views just steps from the room?

Indrayanti located approximately 70 km from the city center, can be reached by road Yogya-Wonosari. There will be many directions that help you find it. But remember, the only clues available to Coastal Round Shawwal (which is the official name Indrayanti). Happy adventuring!

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