Wednesday, 1 August 2012

About Me

Welcome to the visitors of my blog, I created this blog initially for my love and hobby surf the internet precisely in google, to read the article and wanted to know the places and sights in the entire territory of Indonesia.

I am originally from West Sumatra, therefore I load a lot of places and sights in western Sumatra.
I happened to read an article every attraction on the Internet, I keep article and their pictures on my personal computer.

After so long did not read the article about Indonesia, in August 2012 I wanted to create a blog with the theme of tourism in Indonesia, but in English. Her goal so that I could share and promote tourist spots that I like to people who exist in the world. I admit Indonesia tourist attractions and beaches are very nice.

So, I made history this tour blog, so as not to harm others, but progressively increased knowledge all people around the world about the objects of tourism in Indonesia.

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