Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Anyer Beach

Anyer Beach
Anyer Beach, Banten, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
Anyer beach is one of the leading tourist areas in Serang is already known as a tourist area with white sand beach stretching feature throughout the coast, is a place of recreation, safe, comfortable, quiet with a panoramic view of the beautiful beach. It has been equipped with various facilities such as hotels, other non-star of stars, lodging, restaurant and leisure facilities to other beaches such as: Jet ski, banana
boat, Pier, marina, etc. A blend of the natural beauty of comfort beach with panoramic tourist facilities is a wonderful package offered
Anyer Beach

The beach is very suitable for the activity pool, with sloping beaches, calm waves and will promise a fantastic holiday happiness. With a location not far from the city centre. 

Only about 60 kilometers from the city of serang or 2.5 hours from Jakarta via Jakarta-Merak toll road, will make it easier for visitors to get to the beach. Watch the sunset on the beach this is a impressive views.

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