Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Malioboro, DI Yogyakarta Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
Malioboro area as one of the prime shopping area of the city of Yogyakarta, is supported by the presence of shops, restaurants, shopping centers, and do not miss the street vendors her five. For shopping, shopping centers and restaurants are actually the same as the business and shopping centers in other large cities, which in Spice with big-name brands and there are also local names.  
Traded goods from imported and local goods, from daily necessities to electronics goods, furniture and so forth. It also provides various handicrafts, such as batik, wayang, anyaman, bags and so forth. There is also a foreign currency exchange, banks, five star hotel up to the type of jasmine.

Malioboro hustle and splendor can not be separated from the many vendors who lined up along Malioboro street hawking wares, almost everything on offer are items / objects of Jogja as a souvenir / gift for tourists.  

They traded handicrafts typical of Jogjakarta, among others ayaman rattan handicrafts, leather, batik, silver, bamboo and others, in the form of batik clothes, leather bags, leather shoes, rattan ornament, leather puppets, bamboo key chains, spoons / forks silver, blangkon Batik [semacan cap of Jogja / Java], t-shirts with various models / writing and many others.  

The vendors are there who hold wares on the table, cart only those that hold the plastic on the floor. So when a visitor busy Malioboro enough alone among visitors will jostle each other because of the narrowness of the road for the pedestrians as it is quite dense and the number of traders on the right and left.

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