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Art Center of Bali

Art Center
Art Center, Bali, Indonesia 

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Art center of Bali or Bali Cultural Park is a complex of buildings and the stage was set for the staging of art and the development of Balinese art.

Cultural park bali or better known by the name of Art is located in the center of Bali amid precisely in the city of Denpasar beautiful homeland.

Cultural park bali or Art center was founded by the first governor of Bali Ida is good mantra. He is very concerned with eastern cultural values ​​especially Balinese culture. To keep the culture alive Bali willing to sacrifice his personal land as a center of the arts that we are familiar with the Art Centre bali

Art Center

The complex arrangement is in A rt center bali is

1. The complex includes the Temple Garden Sacred Beji, Selonding Bale, Bale Pepaosan, etc..

2. Quiet complex includes library where the books are stored in this place about the history of bali

3. The complex includes a half crowded Mahudara Fairgrounds, Building Craft, Studio Sculpture, Art and Pensions Wantilan this place is the hall where the art exhibition bali

4. Bustling complex includes Open Stage Ardha Candra and Stage closed Ksirarnawa (both located in the South River)
Art Center

If you Travel to Bali why not visit Bali attractions on this one and if the opportunity came in June-july for every year in the glass art bali party where we can watch the staging of art bali for a month that usually occurred from June to July.

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