Friday, 10 August 2012

Rat Island & Coral Reefs

Rat Island & Coral Reefs, Bengkulu, Indonesia

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Rat Island & Coral Reefs
Mice island located west of the city of Bengkulu at a distance of about 10 KM from the city center, is a small coral island located in the west of the city of Bengkulu. Rat Island is surrounded by reefs and rich biological resources that have been defined as a jungle tour by Minister of Forestry Decree No. 602/Kpts-II/1991.
Potential of the existing fauna of coral and marine ecosystems. White sandy ocean conditions at night into the habitat of hawksbill and green turtles went ashore to lay eggs. In the sea there are safe sites to dive the sea floor, with crystal clear water and beautiful coral stone is the choice of an attractive nautical tourism.

Under the waters around the island there are rats beautiful ocean scenery, this is perfect for travelers who like to dive. In addition, Rat Island is also very suitable visited by the tourists who like to fish, because there behind rocks inhabited by various species of fish.

To reach these attractions can be reached during the 30 minutes from the city of Bengkulu Padri Tread Coast by boat fishermen, local fishermen boats for hire in addition to providing well prepared to guide the tourists who visit the island of rats.

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