Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pohawang Island

Pohawang IslandPohawang Island, lampung, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
Lampung is a paradise for nautical tourism destinations, such as diving, surfing, fishing and snorkeling. For those who enjoy the snorkeling, the island Pohawang is the most appropriate choice.

From downtown Bandarlampung is expected to take approximately one and a half to two hours travel, road travel time of about an hour, and the travel time from the pier to the island Pohawang Ketapang is expected to take approximately one hour. 

Travel to the Island Pohawang we have to be careful, since the course is not too wide and winding. To get to where we are through one village named HANURA, in this place it is the retired army yag sent from Java in the last 70s, the majority of Javanese who live in this village. 

Pohawang a hidden paradise for tourists who like snorkeling, given the very clear water, white sand stretching, make us forget the time when we were in that place. 

The island is beautiful clean cool too, when we feel thirsty, young coconut water is ready to be in an upright, almost every holiday a lot of visitors from different regions, from Lampung and outside Lampung many who come to this place, because of its beauty and beautiful beaches. 

Siti Maryamah, of Raka Tour & Travel who handle some foreign guests, after the event, held at Graha TIME Wangsa Bandarlampung such as: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, America, and Poland, bringing some of these tourists to the island Pohawang. and we take them to the island, in addition to the mileage is not too far away, the show is also quite exciting, and rdquopapar General Manager Raka Promo Tour & Travel to Travel. 

Travelers do not need to worry 
Once they were on the island they continue to prepare themselves with surfing equipment that is already provided by the handle of the tourists travel, they are both male and female respectively locate u lo see different kinds of coral reefs, as well as various kinds of ornamental fish are beautifully landscaped, approximately one to two hours. After that, take a rest Meeka enjoy the pleasure of coconut water as a release thirst.
After surfing in this exciting island then proceed towards to one pier for lunch at the venue, where the hut made of palm wood is pretty exciting, considering its location off the coast despite being village people living on the island. Apparently they angat welcome the presence of tourists to this place. 

After a rest some time after lunch wisataan invited again to take a close look on them to preserve the mangrove trees and also developed at this location, which is the point other than to hold the speed of the big waves, leaves are also able to treat diseases share. 

Foreign tourists are invited to this four trnyata invited to participate actively, that is, they were asked to sow the seeds of mangrove that are already available locally. They are so eager to sow the seeds of the mangrove, after being briefed on how to embed seeds correctly, from one of the chief institutions related to environment in place.Seeing this kind of activity they seem to feel so happy, so that there be some travelers who planted mangrove seedlings is more than one seed, as such events are packed in a simple tour is getting good response from the tourists that is in this trip.