Friday, 10 August 2012


Angklung, West Java, Indonesia

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Angklung is a tool or waditra art made ​​from a special bamboo which was invented by Mr. Daeng Sutigna around 1938. When the initial use angklung still limited local interests or traditional art.

However, because the sounds are generated from the angklung has local and international content such as sound a tone
suggestive duremi du fa so la the angklung and daminatilada the fastest growing not only performed at the local
but also showcased at the regional, national and international. Even supposedly it is reported angklung performances ever was performed in front of the leaders of the Asian African Conference in Bandung Building Independence in 1955.

Number of angklung players from one person to many people can even be played in groups of 50 people to 100 people and can be integrated with other tools such as piano, organ, guitar, drums, etc. Or the show could be combined with the group; band, and orchestra.

In addition to art and art as a tool, angklung is also used as a souvenir or fruit decorated asasories hand after another.

After the death of artistic creations Daeng Sutigna Angklung Mang Ujo and forwarded by Erwin Anwar. Ujo Mang even have made the center of creation and development of artistic creation is called Saung Angklung Angklung Mang Ujo "Padasuka Cicaheum located in Bandung. One program that he did particularly to maintain the" angklung art "angklung is introduced to the students began kindergarten, sd. high school and has even become one of the curriculum at the local subjects (Mulok).


  1. I am not familiar with that angklung thing but reading from this one I assume that it is really traditional to the country.

  2. thanks you, i hope this article helpful u about traditional arts in Indonesia