Saturday, 29 December 2012

Kelud Mountain Kediri

Kelud Mountain
Kelud Mountain, Kediri, East Java, Indonesia

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Kelud has changed after the eruption in November 2007. Activity peaks Kelud emergence dome from the lake crater.

Today, the lava dome, Kelud look more beautiful than ever. The dome looks like a child Kelud Kelud. Very interesting and you should see its beauty.

Visitors Kelud tourist area located in the district of Kediri Regency Ngancar getting pampered with a variety of alternative targets and game type.

If before the mountain erupted Kelud, visitors treated to panoramic views of the crater at the summit crater with green water, after the explosion at the end of 2007, the visitor is struck by the appearance of a mountain boy Kelud with white smoke billowing around each "mountain puppies" lava dome shaped it. Not to mention the mysterious phenomenon of road that also make visitors curious.

This time Kediri Regency Government through the office of Tourism and Culture Art (Parsenibud) back in the game adds to the tourist area tourist icon that Kediri Launch Keychain or in terms of outbound often called the Flying Fox.

Not only that, in the near future will also be added to the game include the provision of a vehicle type All Train Vehicle (ATV) with a particular pathway.

This ATV is a type of vehicle with a steering wheel like a motorcycle but has designed a four-wheeled off-road vehicles. Last two games are games that are nuanced adventure.

Fits Kelud mountain tourist area that does have quite a challenging landscape.

Travel Enchantment Kelud also increasingly in demand foreign and domestic tourists, as evidenced in the event the Anugrah Travel East Java 2011 was elected Best Nature Attractions in East Java held by the Department of Culture and Tourism, East Java.