Thursday, 11 October 2012

Beaches Sasak West Pasaman

Beaches Sasak
Beaches Sasak, West Pasaman, West Suamatra, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
Talamau mountain with an altitude of 2982 meters above sea level (asl), is the highest mountain in the province of West Sumatra. Characteristics talamau mountain is one of the volcano, but Talamau including inactive mountain, the mountain is storing a myriad charms pity to miss. Forest areas are still virgin, enlivened by the singing birds who shouted combined with the beauty of dozens of lakes scattered in the mountains.

Speaking of the beach in West Pasaman, obviously apart from its beaches Sasak Kenagarian Sasak excl. Sasak domains pasisie West Pasaman. Beautiful beaches with beautiful sand gives natural feel so natural. Sasak coast is part of existing attractions dikab with beautiful beaches, white sand ramps and smooth, sure to attract the audience of beautiful beaches. Kec.Sasak sasak Nagari is located on the western shore of Indonesia. 

Located about 20 km from the city center intersection of four - 140 miles from the desert city, it has the potential for coastal tourism is very promising. Another attraction is the fish ban and surau Lubuak Landua within 10 km from the town of intersection of four. This region there is an old mosque that age more than 55 years. Attraction visited by tourists to visit the tomb of Buya Lubuak landua

The fish ban, known as gariang it kept the public and should only be fed and unjustified arrest people who come to visit.

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