Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sikuai Island

Sikuai Island
Sikuai Island, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
Sikuai Island, If you are into the field, try to sail to one of the small islands in front of the city of Padang, name Sikuai Island. The island began to run for tourists since 1994 is promising all the beauty of a tropical island.

Also white sandy beaches and a gentle, warm waters, rich in coral reefs and fish, and the waves are calm. Lots of palm trees along the beach and behind protected tropical forests are still preserved.

Sikuai Island

And that became the main attraction is the sunset time. When going down, sometimes so red sun sinking in the blue sea.

Sikuai Island can be reached in 25 minutes by speed boat or 60 minutes by boat. On the island of 4.4 acres was built 25 cottages, restaurant, rooms for meetings, a swimming pool. In fact there is also a track for jogging and biking around the island and can staircases are built up into the hills that allows anyone to enjoy the sunset or sunrise from the height of the island.

For resting place away from the crowds, the island is almost perfect. In the row of palm trees in front of the inn, there was some swing to relax and fall asleep in the middle of the sea breeze. In fact we can just swim in the calm sea splashed with blue and crystal clear. Easily found the kids turtle swimming among the coral.

Sikuai Island

In addition, there are many activities that can be done. Can snorkel around the island or paddle a canoe in the calm sea. Even from the boat, a variety of marine life seen so clearly.

Also be trekking because behind the resort, there are tropical forests with high hills, but it is equipped with 369 if you want to climb stairs. It takes 30 minutes to reach the peak. Although strength spent, it will pay off with a beautiful view when looking into the open sea, small islands look underneath. And when riding at dusk, could see the sunset.

However, an important shortage on the island is limited electricity. In fact, his room using the air conditioner. The electricity comes from a generator only turns on pulul 17.00 pm until 08.00 am.

There are packages a day on the island at a cost of Rp 250 thousand per person which is managed by PT Abadi Wijaya who now runs New Sikuai Island resort. With this package, guests will depart from Padang at the Port of Muara Port Marine Tourism Padang at 10.00 hours speed boat ride provided and afternoon pulul 16:00 pm had to go back to the Port of Sikuai Island Marine Tourism in Padang.

With a pack a day is just enough to play on the island, fishing, canoeing, or swimming, but no opportunity to enjoy the sunset. While those who want to stay overnight, room rates start from U.S. $ 600 thousand to $ 4 million per night.