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History Tari Piring

History Tari PiringHistory Tari Piring, West Sumatra, Indonesia

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Plate or in the language of dance is called the Dance Piriang Minangkabau is one of Minangkabau traditional dance originating from the city of Solok, West Sumatra province. This dance is played using a plate as a primary medium. The plates were then rocked with quick movements regular, without apart from the hands

At first, this dance is a ritual greeting local gratitude to the gods after getting abundant harvests. The ritual is done by bringing the offerings in the form of food which is then placed on the plate while stepping with dynamic motion.

After the introduction of Islam into Minangkabau, plates dance tradition is no longer used as a greeting ritual gratitude to the gods. However, dance is used as a means of entertainment for many people who appear at events crowd.

History Tari Piring, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Dancing dishes in general are putting two plates on two hands and then swung and is followed by the dance movements were swift, and interspersed twang twang plate or two rings on fingers dancing on the plate carries. At the end of the dance, the plates are usually performed by the dancers thrown to the floor and then the dancers will dance on broken pieces of the plate.

This dance is accompanied by musical instruments and Saluang Talempong. The number of dancers is usually an odd number of three to seven people. The combination of music with fast motion so agile dancers who made the dish so amazing dance charm. Clothes are used by dancer must wear bright, with shades of red and golden yellow.

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