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Ritual Nyobeng Kalimantan

Ritual Nyobeng
Ritual Nyobeng, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Ritual Nyobeng; Bathing Skull Man Mengayau ResultsNyobeng from various references is a ritual washing or cleaning human skull headhunting results ancestors. This was done by the Dayak Bidayuh, one of the sub-Dayak in Kampung Sebujit, District Siding, Bengkayang, West Kalimantan.

Headhunting was decapitated human head, and his skull preserved. Now, the tradition of headhunting is not done anymore. The ceremony was quite moving, and lasted for three days. From January 15 to June 17. 

Its main activities namely, bathing skull stored in a traditional house. According to the rules believed to be hereditary. Starting a welcome guest in the village limits. Initially, this was done to welcome the members of the group come from headhunting. Greeter, wearing a sash of red cloth with decorative beads of animal teeth. Comes with chopsticks and destroyed the gun sounded, when the invited guests was about to enter the village limits. Chopsticks also raised simultaneously. 

Burst of rifle destroyed, also useful summon ancestral spirits as well as permission for Nyobeng rituals. Then, elders threw the dog into the air. In saber, the chairman of the party guests had to cut it. If still alive, must be cut with a saber once fell to the ground. Procession The same goes for chicken. Elders throw eggs to group guests. If the egg does not break, the guests who come are considered insincere. Conversely, if broken, meaning guests come willingly. 

White rice and yellow thrown while reciting mantras. The girls then presenting stereotyped wine from tree bark mixed with the dried pakak. After drinking, the group are escorted to Balug house, in the middle of the township.The house is a traditional house that Balug a stagy and round. To enter this house, made steps made of slats tree. The width of approximately 10 meters with a height of 15 meters from the ground. 
As I entered the ceremony, the group were given a splash of water that has been the mantra with anjuang leaves, which serve as proxies for reinforcements. The goal is that guests avoid disaster. When he entered the ceremony area, guests must step gourd fruit placed in a basin known as pepasan ritual. 

Together with residents, guests then danced her around the dance Mamiamis custom home. Mamiamis, is a dance to welcome and honor the defenders of the homeland of the new coming of headhunting. While Indigenous Elders accompanied by singing songs and spells. 

Balug elders ride home. Simlog was beaten and firecrackers sounded. The goal is to call the spirits of ancestors and also a sign Nyobeng commencement ceremony. Followed by a meal together at home Balug. Lauknya, rice with pork fish. Tolerance is also high. For Muslims, provided special food is not pork. Finished eating, guests should leave the area custom home. 

Option can rest in houses. At rest, the majority of men in the area through the forest to find the bamboo forest. Diameter of about tens of centimeters.At the same time, every home makes offerings are smeared with the blood of a chicken wing. It also sprinkled chicken blood to parts of the house and its grounds are considered sacred. 

After that, the family and guests back to the custom homes. After the bamboo forest to look for, the men carried her to the house in a gang customs. By holding the line while surrounded by bamboo saber.Saber brought a family heirloom. The frosting on the saber hilt made of bone or wood. The decoration was also a symbol of particular significance and accomplishments of the saber holder in headhunting. Preparation. Traditional leaders signaled start events. One stepped forward, opening of the holster while slashing saber saber to bamboo sticks. 

In one blow, bamboo drop. This success is a good sign, according to the public trust. After the event was cut bamboo. The spirit was summoned by the head of customs.The goal is to present and apply for permission to start that has protected Nyobeng. Indigenous Elders, climbed the stage. Seven kinds of offerings placed at the edge of the village later. Then, the box was on the pinnacle of custom homes with saved human skulls and a necklace of boar tusks, taken by elders and rubbed his hands with a special potion. 

Then the topical application of the skull that is in the box. Next customary to slaughter a chicken head hinga head off. Head and chicken blood drop is applied to the skull. Skull included again in the box and stored. The event was followed by cutting the dog. 

Blood that wiped out the poles custom homes, small houses, and statues of men and women in addition to custom homes and sculpture. Houses and figurines are considered as the origin of their ancestors. Cutting dog meant to resist evil spirits. Some dog meat freshly cut and then taken to the custom house.