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Carocok Beach Painan

Carocok Beach
Carocok Beach, Painan, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
West Sumatra, a province on the western coast of Sumatra is identical to a number of attractions beach. Almost all the districts along the coast, has a beautiful beach and has its own uniqueness enchanting. One of them is Carocok Beach, located at Painan, Pessel District.From the city of Padang, heading to the beach Carocok in Painan reached a
distance of about 60 Kilometers. There are many ways that can be used to achieve that is to use a taxi or take public transit bus, Padang-Painan majors are pretty much out of the shadow of a terminal in the city of Padang. 
Visiting the beach Carocok Painan, quite easily, because of the Painan downtown, access is easy, can ride motorcycles, motor tricycles, or gig (carriage) from Market Painan. The tourists, staying mention Carocok beach destination, or a motorcycle taxi driver, immediately drove to the destination with Rp5.000/orang pay.

Carocok Beach

A trip to the beach Carocok also no less exciting, if it goes away. Only about a quarter of an hour drive along the coast Painan, visitors have arrived at the beach Carocok. This trip was very interesting enjoy with family or colleagues. According to some travelers who had visited attractions featured in this Painan, enjoying the sunset or the atmosphere of the sunset on the beach is perfect beauty. 

"Golden red color and full roundness of the sun about to set, it is perfect Carocok be enjoyed on the beach," said the student of the Faculty of Medicine of Padang, Rita Hamdani, who visited the beach.Entering this Carocok beach attraction, visitors are only free of charge Rp2.000/orang, and if in groups will get a discount.This beach is visited by many people because it has a beautiful view, especially when his twilight comes, people can comfortably and clearly see the sun set in the western horizon. 

Carocok Coast region, has been equipped with a number of tourist facilities, such as stalls selling food and beverages, public toilets, mosque, parking locations. Specifically to enjoy the beauty of the beach also features a place to rest, such as relaxing gazebo, floating bridge, and also not miss the large size rocks as seats. 
The uniqueness Carocok Beach, namely a floating bridge made of wood toward the middle of the ocean and one of the island Train. The floating bridge is made of wood foundation made of cement coated with asphalt concrete. Building the bridge was made extending from the shore into the sea Carocok protrudes, and at each intersection of the bridge there is a place to relax gazebo. 

The floating bridge, one of which is built into the Rock Island Railway. To achieve visitors stay running across the sea, about 100 meters from the beach. Stone Train offers the feel of the beauty of the stones of the sea and coral reefs. Additionally Kareta Stone is a comfortable place to relax.

 Carocok Beach

The place was pretty crowded, because in one corner is a strategic location to enjoy the charm of the natural beauty of the sunset. Painan Carocok Coast region is also a fairly complete recreational facilities, and is also suitable for swimming, children's playground, recreational and leisure family. 

In this area there are also special stalls selling souvenirs of the rock that can be purchased by the visitor, and Harganyapun quite bervariasi.Jika not satisfied buying at around the coast, along the way to the city center Painan also include the sale of the two units of unique souvenirs beach. 
Visitors staying asked the community around it, and they were happy days to deliver. Not to miss for fans of culinary tourism, specifically seafood, there restauran Carocok Coast neighborhood also offers various types of delicious cuisine and fresh seafood. 

Fish, squid, shrimp and all kinds of other seafood can be enjoyed with prices to suit pockets, of course with the freshest ingredients from the fisherman catches seafront Carocok Beach. Visitors can enjoy the food while enjoying the aroma of the beach, which certainly will increase appetite.So are you waiting for, if a visit to West Sumatra, do not forget to Carocok Beach, a place to enjoy the perfect view of the sea.

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