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Robo-robo, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

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In the annual celebration of the last Wednesday of the month pad Syafar Hijri rituals performed like the arrival of Opu Daeng Menambon to West Kalimantan was widely known as "robo-robo". This ritual is a celebration to commemorate the arrival of Opu Daeng Menambon, nomads of Luwu, South Sulawesi and became King Mempawah. Previously, the Bugis who holds the Prince's Golden State Solar always perform ritual Robo-robo 'in every place I've ever visited his

Not only shere Kuala Mempawah, but also in other places such as Kubu, Gammon River, and the Gulf Pakedai, people always celebrate Robo-robo 'with a variety of rituals.

So it is not surprising, if any Robo-Robo, derived from the word Wednesday, it held on the last Wednesday of the year Syafar Islam. A wide range of food served by the Mempawah each ritual takes place, such as lemang made ​​from glutinous rice and coconut milk served burnt always adding flavor typical of Robo-robo.


Every year, large-scale celebrations held in Kuala Mempawah Mempawah district as the center of the royal city Mempawah. However, in a place once visited by Opu Daeng Menambon formerly also perform a similar ritual. When ancient celebration Robo-robo is only followed by the royal family and the community that is in Mempawah Bugis, now all ethnic groups and took part in the ritual.

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