Saturday, 29 December 2012

Papuma beach

Papuma Beach
Papuma Beach, Jember, East Java, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
East Java provincial capital of Surabaya is, one province in Indonesia, has many tourist destinations that are not inferior to the tourist destination of Bali or Lombok, as East Java is a strategic place, nature and customs are very supportive, it is not surprising that Java East visited by many domestic and Abroad.

As Papuma Jember cape beach located in the village of Sumberejo sub district Ambulu dirty. This beach is about 27 km from the city center muddy. The access road to the beach is nice and paved, this beach can travel by car, bike or rent a car, priced at about 150,000, - (one hundred fifty thousand dollars) a day, on the way to the beach, visitors are spoiled eyes with views of the hills and forest area.

Approximately 50 ha, before entering the beach at the left and right side of the road nampat hanparan oak, palm. Shaved and various bird species are also monkeys hanging cult .. 

After passing through the forest, we come to the main objectives of a truly menajubkan Papuma beach of white sand and the wide blue sea nodes coupled with coral lining the shore. 

This scene seemed to say hello and invite joking, on the right side of the beach there is a fishing boat that was leaning or resting after working all day to get the fish, on the left there is a Buddhist temple where prayer so add attraction and indigenous cultures.

For visitors who like grilled fish on the beach can be bought directly to fishermen, moderately priced relatively cheap while enjoying the aroma of a cool beach, then on the left side of the beach there is a temple, with a charming building architect didoiminasi red pagoda building habits in general.

For visitors who want to stay overnight, tour manager presents hotels or lodging facilities, and other infrastructure. Ideally as a tourist, the city government is expected to also pay attention to the cleanliness of the location in order to look more beautiful as a destination that has drawn support this.