Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sala Lauak - Pariaman

Sala Lauak
Sala Lauak, Pariaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia

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In each area certainly has its own charm. Has a different culture. Language, dialeg and outlook on life is not the same. But diversity is what makes us feel needed each other. Did not escape the culinary peculiarities that exist in each region.

Pariaman is very famous for its fried food is "Sala Lauak". It's not strange for us the food was typical of Pariaman. 

Sala is Minang language which means fried. Medium lauak means fish. Is it the same as the sala lauak fried fish? Eits, be careful! Of course not, because that would be not sala lauak, but the fish is fried. Then sala lauak was like what? 

Sala lauak are fried balls of pimpongsaffron yellow. With recipes rice flour, chillies, turmeric, onion, salt, and salted fish. Flavor of salted fish contained in a seasoned flour lumps that makes 'sala' was named Sala Lauak. 

Culinary peculiarities contained in one area seems to be difficult to present in other areas. Empek-empek Palembang, for example. The food is typical Palembang even made with the same recipe by the other areas it will portray the flavor and a slightly different form. 

Like wise sala lauak contained outside the Pariaman. People outside the area which makes it seem to give innovation different from the original. Needless away. For the city of Padang alone. City 73.36 miles from city Pariaman presents new kinds of sala lauak. 

Sala is in Padang lauak tend to be smaller. Salty fish flavor is not so dominating. Well, and vice versa. This proves how the uniqueness of a region can not be met by other regions.

Not only sala lauak the typical food Pariaman, but there are many other foods. Like fried crab, curry diamond nails, kacimuih, lamang sipuluik, onde-onde, lompong sago, and other foods. 

Typical food will be very easy to find in Pariaman. Especially around the beach Gandoriah, quite famous beaches around West Sumatra. You are curious about the sala lauak Rang Pariaman? Let's try it!