Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Puncak, Bogor

Puncak, Bogor
Puncak, Bogor, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
The highlight is the name of a mountainous tourist area included in the district of Bogor and Cianjur. The area is very famous for both domestic and foreign tourists. This area is known as the resting place of the city residents and the local tea estates built by the Dutch colonial government which is now owned by PT Plantation Tea Plantation Nusantara VIII Gunung Mas.  
The beauty of this area is stunningly President Soekarno, so he built a restaurant to enjoy the natural beauty of the Peak, which later was named Restaurant Riung Mt. In addition, there are also places of recreation and ecotourism beautiful, such as Gunung Mas Tea Plantation and hang gliding (paragliding).

Puncak, Bogor

In the Puncak area there are also many interesting sights such as the Safari Park, Flower, and there is a beautiful mosque architecture is distinctive and simple Atta'awun mosque. In this area there are also a lot of villas and hotels are owned by local people for visitors to rest.

District that includes the Peak

The highlight is a large area around the border of the Bogor Regency Cianjur. The district includes the area are:
1. Ciawi, located in the western area of the peak
2. Megamendung, Bogor
3. Cijeruk, Bogor
4. Cigombong, Bogor
5. Talbot, especially the village of Mount Geulis, Talbot, Bogor
6. Cisarua, is the most visited area, because many tourist areas such as the Safari Park.
7. Pacet, Cipanas, Cianjur, flower gardens and orchards Cibodas archipelago located here.
8. Sukamakmur, Bogor, especially the southern part of this district. One of the sights was Curug Arca.