Sunday, 25 November 2012

Party Culture Tabuik, Pariaman

Tabuik, Pariaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia
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Tabuik as one of the traditional arts and game nagari child is already a core national tourism event held every year at the beginning of the month of Muharram. Many tourists who come to watch the ritual / cultural, and even from neighboring countries such as Malaysia,
Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. For ten days the procession manufacture tabuik to show a peak on the 10th of Muharram, many villages appear like child's creativity Indang, dabuih, gamad, qasida, arts, festivals Minang song, and others.

The processions were held for ten days are:

1.    Make Daraga. Daraga is where architecture and employees work make tabuik
2.    Taking soil.
3.    Manabang banana stems
4.    Maatam
5.    Ma arak the Committee
6.    Maarak saroban
7.    Up pangkek
8.    Hoyak tabuik
9.    Throw overboard tabuik

Now for visitors who come to Pariaman can get a miniature souvenir tabuik. For more information can contact the Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture and the Department in Jalan Burhanuddin Syech 145 Karan Aur Pariaman and Perindagkop & SME Office Pariaman on Jalan Khairil Anwar, Village Taratak Pariaman.

Outside Regional Tabuik

Hoyak Tabuik in Washington D.C., USA.
Tabuik in Washington DC featured in the show The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade on April 8, 2006. The procession made almost the same as that in Pariaman.

On the day hoyak tabuik begins at 10 am adjusted to the schedule committee. Tabuik paraded on the main street which is full of history Constitution Avenue, past the Ellipse near the President House Park. Although the chance of rain, but the event was a success and received rave reviews from U.S. citizens while accompanied yells: Indonesia! Indonesia!.

This show done at the invitation of the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC, supported by citizens who are members of the Minang Minang Foundation. This event was attended by 103 participants from different countries, companies, institutions and schools. Tabuik Pariaman with him representing the Republic of Indonesia at the event.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Pariaman, Nasri Nasar, with Chairman Dekranasda Pariaman, Ny. Ita Nasri, Architecture and Choreographer Wirzam Tabuik Syaiful Tiharman.