Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia, West Java, Indonesia 

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
In Taman Safari Indonesia, you can watch thousands of animals are left free as the original habitat. Most animals are not at home so you can see it more closely. By using a vehicle, you will be along the route for a closer look at the Taman Safari animal originating from Indonesia and foreign endangered species. Plus the cool mountain atmosphere, scenic beauty, variety and game shows attract animal attractions for you to enjoy with the baby.
Taman Safari Indonesia is in 3 locations. The first was in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java. Second in Tretes, East Java. And the third location in Bali. Of the three locations, in Cisarua is the first location in the establishment of Taman Safari Indonesia. 

For those of you who live in Jakarta, visited the Safari Park in Cisarua may be an option. This is because the peak has become a favorite recreation spot for the people of Jakarta because it was not too far away, around 80 km from Jakarta and can be reached within 1-2 hours when the road is not jammed.

There are enough clues along the way to Taman Safari starts motorway exit that can ease you into this location. Location of Cisarua area are not up to the top of the mountain pass Pangrango. From the highway to the summit, you will find instructions Safari Park entrance is on the right. 

Turn to the right toward the gate, uphill road to take. Along this road there are several hotels that could be an option if you want to spend the night in this area. You will also encounter merchants carrots, bananas, or vegetables in this way. Carrots and vegetables you can buy to feed the animals at the Safari Park. For a carrot prices range from Rp 10,000, - to 4 tie. There's also roasted corn sellers who can prop your belly from hunger and cold. 

A gate that resembles an elephant tusk indicates that you were almost at the ticket booth entrance. Safari Park admission Rp 75.000, - for adults, to ticket the car, you have to pay Rp 15,000, -. As for penjung or foreign tourists, the price of admission two-fold. This price is valid every day, regardless of weekday (weekdays) or weekends (weekends). You will get a map containing the locations and places that exist in this recreational parks, animal attractions of the show schedule is also the route which you will pass the order along with any animals you'll meet. We recommend that you save this map to help you find what you want to visit.
Various Animals
Entering the area of
​​an animal, you have to go through the road with grass and trees on either side of the road. In the first part, you will be greeted by a zebra. Unique black and white colored horses will be asking for food and they love to stick his head into the window of your car. On the tame animals, you can open the glass and give food to them. Some animals will "force" you give food to stand in front of your car. However, this usually does not last long because there is the handler which keeps in some place that will lead them.
In the wild animals like leopards, tigers, lions and bears no automatic gate that will open when the car is about to pass. You may feel a bit tense when entering the area of ​​wild animals. In place of the tiger and the lion made to resemble the ruins of buildings. They are usually happy to be at the top watching the surrounding area. In the bear, we can see the big bears are sleeping or playing.

Area Games and Shows
Exit routes to see animals which made feasible such as habitat, there are many other rides that you can enjoy in this recreation area.
Some toys that use machines such as "Mini-Kora Kora", "Jet Coaster", "Spinning Boat" and other rides can be tried. Only, to enjoy the sport you have to pay Rp 10,000, - for each game. Safari Water Park For those of you who like to swim, you can try to swim in Safari Water Park. Unique from swimming here is you can feel the sensation of swimming with crocodiles. Of course, not directly because there is separation between the swimming pool with crocodiles.
Shows Various animal attractions you can watch it for free. There are elephant, tiger, various animals, birds, dolphins and sea lions, circus or cowboy. Performances take place 2-3 times a day. At this attraction, you can see how smart these animals and their behavior that invites laughter. For example, orangutans amusing behavior or how clever elephant that can paint.

All the attractions of the animal has a story that educates, usually themed so that does not destroy the environment that may affect animals and humans can harm themselves. At the end of the show, you can take pictures with animals beratraksi. While the attractions of the tiger, you can take pictures with a white tiger is large enough. To take pictures with the tiger, you have to pay Rp 10,000, - if the photos alone or Rp 25,000, - if more than one person.

Baby Zoo Rides that are frequently visited are the Baby Zoo. At the front of the Baby Zoo, kids can try to ride a pony, a horse that has a tiny fringe on the top of his head make this horse looks adorable. Called Baby Zoo, because in it there is a child of the beasts. Entering the Baby Zoo, you will find kudanil children who will open his mouth to eat demanded. You can touch it while feeding. There is also a kind of primate with a large size that will raise your hand to request a meal alongside this kudanil child.

Log into the deeper parts, there is made structures such as the Taj Mahal in India. With limited wall and boundary nodes, you can meihat white tiger is interesting from Baby Zoo area is you can take pictures with animals that are generally still a child. This is what led to this area called the Baby Zoo. By paying Rp 10.000, - per person for each photo, you can choose to take a picture with a lion cub, son of the leopard, orangutan babies, kids white tiger Sumatran tiger-sized or large enough. Photos taken using your camera because the Safari Park personally do not provide a camera or photographer. With guarded by the handler, you are not assisted to assume or hold the animals. It was pretty fun, because this experience is hard to find where you can hold the beast and preserve it in photographs.

Still in the Baby Zoo area, you can see the collection of birds of various kinds in the Bird Aviary. A dome is home to more than 1000 birds and consists of 90 species of birds so that you can freely admire the variety of birds flying free. You can also see kangaroos in the region. 

Penguin One of the unique animals that became a collection of Cisarua Safari Park, Bogor and you rarely find anywhere else is a collection of penguins. There is a special pool of water made to resemble the temperature of the water where penguins live it. You can see the funny thing was swimming in the pool by getting into a building that resembles a igloo, Eskimo house made of ice. Here, you can also see penguins walk funny on top of the pool. Ordinary penguins live in groups, when there is a penguin swim, a group of penguins will go swimming. So also when there are penguins who go up, bunch of penguins will rise from the pool. Not far from the penguins, you can see the dragon and the crocodile enclosure. 

You can also try riding an elephant to pass through the forest at the Safari Park with "Elephant Trail". Accompanied by the handler, you can ride elephants through the forest and the river will and you are free to enjoy the thick of nature in this region. Waterfall Attorney  
At the top of the Safari Park, there is a Falls attorney who can bring sanity itself for those who visit it. Similarly there are many restaurants and souvenir shops that sell stuffed animals, shirts or other souvenirs that could be a keepsake you in this place.