Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tea garden at Mount Dempo

Tea garden, Mount Dempo, South Sumatra

Mount Dempo (3159 masl) is located in the border province of South Sumatra and Bengkulu provinces. To reach the nearest village, first you must reach the town of Pagar Alam, approximately 7-hour road trip from Palembang. From the capital of South Sumatra are available many buses towards Pagar Alam. Or if you are from Jakarta, prior to riding the bus or Padang Bengkulu majors, and fell in Lahat.

Pagar Alam, indeed as the name suggests, the city is clearly surrounded by the Bukit Barisan mountains and the highest of the sequence is Mount Dempo. The mountain is very beautiful towering upright reaching for the sky blue when seen nan in the morning.

It is therefore very appropriate to spend the night before in this city, here the many inns or motels available, ranging from Rp. 20 000 overnight. Urban culture that has been blended from a variety of both immigrants and native tribes to create the peace that you do not get in the big cities.

From the terminal Pagar Alam, first chartered car / taxi to majors Tea Factory PTPN III a distance of 15 km from the terminal. In this plant a good idea to get acquainted with someone who used to be called Mr. Anton, he included the elder by nature lovers throughout South Sumatra, Lampung. By asking for help, chartered car will take you to the nearest village from the foot of Mount Dempo, which can take more than 20 minutes, because the road is quite steep, winding past the carpet of tea gardens with green nan.

Pathway leading to the top of the mountain even this is very clear and even in ordinary days too many villagers who accidentally climbed to the top whether it is to look for wood or just berhiking.

Although the mountain is high enough, but the clear water that is there until half way into this mountain, so climbers do not have to worry about running out of drinking water during the trip. A small clear stream, flowing in a sign the forest border we began to enter the forest area is overgrown with vegetation similar to those we find in the mountain-Pangrango Gede, the montane forest. The path is full of roots that cross, itself a fairly steep slope to sweat. No special signs, state the forest is nearly homogeneous and very quiet.

Four or five hours later, we will enter an area with low vegetation fringed vegetation and the lower, some areas somewhat open, the view became widespread. Mount Dempo has two peaks are the only named Peak Fire. Dempo ahead of the first peak which is a massive plains, the first peak of low vegetation like shrubs. From the first peak, we fall back to the valley is flanked by the first peak and the main peak. This valley there is a spring flowing here. Only the crystal clear waters is slightly sour taste, perhaps the influence of seepage of sulfur.

The main summit ascent is not too difficult. Slopes composed of gravel and stones with kemitingan slopes about 40 °, stable enough to climb. The main peak of Mount Dempo (3158 m), is a volcanic crater that is still volatile with a diameter of about one hundred square meters. Quite steep crater wall and could not descend without ropes rocks. The view from the top is quite exciting. In addition to the crater that gives a special impression, it appears also terhamparan Bengkulu province in the Indian Ocean with a quiet stretch of the valley and quiet. The trip down takes only two hours. If late you can stay at Dusuun VI, by first asking permission of the head of security there.