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Wayang Golek

Wayang Golek
Wayang Golek, West Java, Indonesia

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Many people assume that the puppet art from Indian Affairs. Yet according R.Gunawan Djajakusumah in his book Introduction to Marionette Puppet Purwa in West Java, it is not true. According to him, the puppet is the indigenous culture of Indonesia (particularly in Java).

These words come from Wad's puppet Hyang, meaning ancestors, but there is also an opinion that the word shadow. As for the opinion that the puppets are from India country may see the origin story of the taking of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata (derived from the Hindu scriptures). But then the stories were modified and adapted to the culture engineered in Java. 

In West Java called Puppet Marionette puppet art. That is, run the puppet art using puppets made of wood is almost like the face and figure of the human body puppet figure. There are four kinds of figures on a puppet show, namely; figure Ravana (his puppet wearing makuta with sekar kluwih models and carved to resemble carved Pajajaran and Mataram kingdom era with offspring ie; Suyudana and Dushasana), figure Arjuna (true warrior portrays the handsome and dashing dare to wear clothes chopsticks urang contemporaries such as Bhima and Ghatotkacha), figure Mungkur Garuda (eagle cooked up face with her tongue out), figure Bineka Sari (such as pine trees arranged up as the puppet Krishna, Balarama, Arimbi, Rama and Indra, figure kuluk , accessories or clothes to wear eagle images as contained in the puppet Sumping Batara teachers, Karna and Kumbangkarna. puppet figures are made using standard (ugaran) and based on the art of his own talent (based on individual taste). maker puppet during this contained in Bogor (selacau Batujajar) and Cibiru Bandung.

Part of the art of puppet show consisting of: Dalang (puppet dolls that play based on the story), goleknya itself (in the hundreds), nayaga group or people who play gamelan, drums, goong, rebab (stringed instrument musk) and kawih interpreter and interpreter alok). All of these parts into a single unit that can not be separated. Synergize with each other to the beat and the way the story is. 

Puppet show is usually done at the time of the marriage either feast or celebration circumcision, Indonesia's independence day or for certain things (usually this is called Ruwatan). The time can be up all night or just a few hours only. The contents of the story there is the principle of strain (taken as a whole based on the Ramayana and Mahabharata) and some use splinter principle (taking certain parts which usually attracts an audience such as war, humor and dialogue). 

Puppet show that uses the principle of the time lines through the night while the splinter is usually only one to two hours. Especially when the show through television media which time slot is limited, only 45 minutes away. Social conditions of high activity socialnya fast-paced and demanding time, it shows a brief but solid story and interesting dialogue humor will be very attractive compared to those using the principle story lines with long until dawn. For the people of the older generation and fanatic groups to the principle of strain puppet he would favor the original story though he had heard and seen over and over again. But, for the younger generation who are hungry paced instant entertainment, the stories are the most preferred splinter. 

How many puppet characters who also stuffed puppets amount answer, that, according to R.Gunawan Djajakusumah 623 puppet characters and there are not all displayed in a single show.According to our observations (editor) in one show usually presents between 20 to 30 dolls and puppets that frequently appear most familiar figures of the community such as Arjuna, the five Pandavas khsusnya siCepot, Ghatotkacha, bima, Ravana, members of the Kaurava army. 

Number mastermind recorded until 2002 is estimated to amount not exceeding one hundred and popular society is like; Asep Sunarya, Ade Sunarya, Dede amung. Puppeteers have the technical ability puppet plays high, capable of reciting the story, scolding humor appealing and communicative with the audience.