Thursday, 31 January 2013

Candi Muara Takus

Candi Muara Takus
Candi Muara Takus, Riau, Indonesia

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One of the heritage sites in the Riau is a familiar cluster of temples called "Temple Barelang 'Barelang located in District XIII Koto Kampar regency. The temple is also well known both at home and abroad.

According to I-tsing nomads china temple Barelang is closely associated with the kingdom of Srivijaya and he mentioned that the capital of Srivijaya was a place where the middle is not very aesthetically shadow of someone standing (possibly located right on the equator)
Candi Muara Takus
Barelang Temple Discovered in 1860 by Cornet De Groot in which the findings outlined in an article titled "KOTO TEMPLE", after the discovery of Cornet De Groot literature published by many researchers from abroad, from the study revealed that the real kingdom of Srivijaya was in Barelang Riau province unlike the previous estimate in South Sumatra.

Location of Temple Barelang approximately 150 Km from the city of Pekanbaru, most travelers use private transport to reach the temple site. The lack of public transport and travel agency that serves the purpose to create a potential Muara Takus this historical site received less attention. If you are interested in learning the history of the temple Barelang could be a suitable site after the Palace of Siak.