Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Waterfall Tawangmangu

Waterfall Tawangmangu
Waterfall Tawangmangu
Waterfall Tawangmangu, Central Java, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia
Speaking tour in Central Java  is not endless. In this province are scattered various tourist areas ranging from nature to the type of entertainment.When you have the opportunity to visit the area of ​​Central Java, there is one interesting area that is promising to visit the tourist areas Tawangmangu. This tourist area is an area at the foot of the name Lawu.

With beautiful scenery, hills and fields of farmers who provide cool green color makes it an ideal place for us to unwind and refreshing. Due to its presence in the highlands, making this attraction is still fresh and cold temperatures, especially at night. 

It has long been one of the Tawangmangu a favorite tourist destination for many tourists, especially domestic tourists. Beautiful nature and cool air is always attractive to people to visit the many attractions that are still inhabited by wild monkeys.There are some places that should be visited when we traveled to the region, one of which is Grojogan Sewu, or a thousand waterfalls. Sewu waterfall can be regarded as one of the icons of this type in Tawangmangu. 

This place is suitable for a family, while enjoying the natural beauty of the site we can relax while eating chicken satay dish or rabbit satay with family.Not only Grojokan Sewu which you can enjoy in the tourist area Tawangmangu. If interested you can go to Pine Sewu sights. This resort is located on a mountainside Lawu. From here you can enjoy the natural scenery Tawangmangu area. 

If you love hiking, mountain Lawu challenging to climb. Track mountain climbing Lawu quite easy to pass because the terrain was so difficult. From the top we can see Sarangan Lake and other mountain chains in East Java.Tawangmangu Karanganyar or precisely located about 36 KM east of Solo. Tawangmangu very easy reach of the city led by Joko Widodo, Mayor of Solo. 

Transportation access is quite easy, as there are public buses that almost every 30 minutes ready to take you from the terminal to Tirtonadi Solo Travel Location Tawangmangu.