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Magnificent Mount Bromo-Semeru

Mount Bromo-Semeru
Magnificent Mount Bromo-Semeru, East Java

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia 
Come on .. vacation to Mountain Bromo-Semeru ..! do not say you've ever been to East Java menapakkan if not the most beautiful feet in the mountains of this ...  "Natural area Bromo-Semeru National Park".
feel the chill in the air is clean and fresh wrapped in a beautiful cloud ...

Bromo-Semeru National Park is the only conservation area in Indonesia which has a unique form of sand sea covering an area of ​​5250 hectares, which is at an altitude of 2392 m above sea level.
Bromo-Semeru Mountains, a mountain that is still active and most famous as a tourist attraction in East Java. Tourist area is promising a beauty that you can not find in other places. From the top of the volcano is still active, you can enjoy a wide expanse of ocean sand 10km square, and witnessed the splendor of Mount Semeru towering through the clouds. 

You can also look beautiful sun went out of the dusk.Besides watching the beautiful panorama offered by the Bromo-Semeru, if you come at the right time, then you can watch Kesodo ceremony, which was held by Tengger society. This ceremony usually begins at midnight to early morning every full moon around 14 or 15 in Kesodo [tenth] according to the Javanese calendar. 

Kesodo ceremony is a ceremony to invoke the abundant harvest or decline requested reinforcements and cure of various diseases, in particular by offering offerings with tossed into the crater of Mount Bromo. When the procession took place, the Tengger another rollicking down the cliff crater and the offerings are thrown into the crater, as a symbol of blessing from the Almighty. 

Getting There
You can reach this area by using a private car was rented vehicle. There are four main gates to enter the national park area is as follows: if through the village Cemorolawang Probolinggo, Pasuruan village Wonokitri with lines, Ngadas village of Malang and village paths are paths Lumajang Burno. The routes that can be taken are as follows: 

Pasuruan-point-Tosari Dowo-Bromo-Wonokitri use a car with a distance of 71 km, Malang-Overlapping-Shack Klakah-Bromo-Jemplang used car distance from Malang-53 km or Purwodadi-Nongkojajar-Tosari-Wonokitri-Penanjakan about 83 km 

Where to Stay
Various hotels and inns can be found around the area of ​​Bromo-Semeru National Park, ranging from flights to 4-star hotels can make the choice to stay at Bromo. Average every hotel put affordable rates. 

Outdoor Dining 
It's a little hard to find a place to eat in this area, especially at night. However, if you stay in the village Wonokitri, about 3 miles down precisely Tosari market can be found a few food stalls are open and selling food until 9 pm. 

You can wander around the area of ​​the National Park by jeep type 4x4 vehicle hire. Or, if you just want to wander around the sea of ​​sand Bromo area, you can rent a horse that is widely available there. 

Things to See or Do 
As for other things that can be seen or done in this area is that you can visit some of the objects below:Cemorolawang. One entrance to the national park which is visited to see from a distance the ocean    expanse of sand and crater of Bromo, and camping.Sand Sea and Mount Bromo Tengger. Bromo riding and hiking through the steps and see the sunrise.Pananjakan. Viewing scenery of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru.Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo and the summit of Mount Semeru. The lakes are very cold and always foggy (2,200 m. Asl) is often used as a transit point for climbers of Mount Semeru (3676 m. Asl).Ranu Darungan. Camping, observing animals / plants and the charming natural scenery. 

You can buy souvenirs or souvenirs around the point area which is used to see the sunrise. In this area there are many souvenir stalls hawking their wares such as t-shirts or t-shirts, hats skullcaps, scarves and more. In addition, around the area of ​​sea sand are also several souvenir hawkers who sell t-shirts or t-shirts that read Mount Bromo-Semeru. 

The best visiting season is around June s / d in October and December of s / d in January.Keep in good health and prepared supplies of cold air barrier such as warm clothes, head coverings, gloves retaining cold air, as well as supplies of food and beverage to tasteKeep in mind that at the peak Penanjakan no hotels it from nearby hotels have to leave early in the morning at around 03:00 to 04:00 am in the morning.Given the difficulty of finding food at night, it would be better if you buy a stock of food and drink as your stock.

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