Sunday, 4 August 2013

Yapong Dance - Betawi

Yapong Dance, Betawi, DKI Jakarta

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Yapong dance is one of the traditional dances that were created for the show. Yapong not like Jaipongan social dance, which originated from West Java, but later in their development sometimes serves as a social dance event to fill the demand dance because dance is full of variety. 
Yapong originally introduced in order to prepare for the commemoration of the anniversary of Jakarta to-450 in 1977. At that time, the Department of Culture, Jakarta preparing a spectacular mass dance performance by shew story. Prince

Jayakarta struggle. This form of ballet performances entrusted its implementation to artists Bagong Kussudiarjo. To prepare for the performance, Bagong conducted research for several months of the Betawi people's lives through the library, films, slides or directly on the Betawi people. Finally succeeded staged dance performances on June 20 and June 21, 1977 at the Convention Center Senayan. performance supported 300 artists and musicians. 
Yapong dance a happy dance with dynamic movements and erotic. In these scenes displayed atmosphere welcomed the victory of Prince Jayakarta. The scene is named Yapong and do not contain any meaning. But the term was born from the sound Yapong song ya, ya, ya, ya, who sung the accompanying artists and the music is memorable pong, pong, pong, so was born the "yes-pong" and evolved into Yapong. 
Dance Training Centre (PLT) Bagong Kussudiarjo and Cultural Office in Jakarta after staging DKL Yapong of composing dance forms of ballet and develop it as a dance off. As for the style of clothing worn by the dancers, is the development of Mask Flower Betawi dance clothes. Apparent shape and decorative headgear and chest sling, called toka-toka. Yapong dance characterized by Betawi folk dance, then mixed with elements of dance pop, among other elements of dance Sumatra.  

Because of Betawi art influenced by Chinese art elements, then the dance Yapong also contained elements of Chinese art, for example in a cloth worn by the dancers are dragon motifs with bright red color. Musical instruments used during this dance is performed is a mixture between Betawi, Central Java and West Java. After a dance off, into the dance. DKL Jakarta utilize instruments Prickly Tambourine, Tambourine Hadroh, and Tambourine Ketimpring. Thus dance is filmed Yapong new creation which is based on the elements of traditional Betawi motion.