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History Tari Pasambahan

History Tari Pasambahan
History Tari Pasambahan, West Sumatra, Indonesia

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Tari Pasambahan
Tari Pasambahan is traditional and classical dance from West Sumatra region, which danced by men and women generally have a dynamic active movement but remain in the groove and a typical order.

This distinction lies in the principle that learning to dance Minangkabau style, therefore the dynamism of movement Minang traditional dances is always a symbol of the natural elements.

The influence of the Islamic religion, unique customs and habits wander matrilineal society members are also a major influence in the spirit of a traditional Minangkabau dance, One is Tari Pasambahan which is the realm of traditional Minang dance. This dance is usually performed for greet the visiting dignitary or special that just came, besides Tari Pasambahan usually performed during welcoming ceremony bride groom at house are greeted with an oversized umbrella.

History Tari Pasambahan

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Tari Pasambahan, followed by treats Carano betel leaf to the groom, as a representative of the group. Betel leaf complete with Carano also be presented to the parents who accompanied the bride in the back row.