Monday, 1 October 2012

Traditional Equipment East Kalimantan

Traditional Equipment, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Is a deterrent in the fight against the enemy. The shield is made of wood that is light but is not easily broken. The front is adorned with a carved shield, but now is mostly decorated with paintings using black and white or red and white

Motifs used to decorate the shield consists of three basic motifs:
1. Motif hornbill (Necklace Tebengaang)
Motif Dragon / Dog (Necklace Aso ')
Motif Mask (UDO Necklace ')
In addition to the personal protective equipment from enemy attacks, shield also serves as:

- Auxiliary equipment when fighting / protecting themselves from the flames
- Equipment to dance in the dance war
- Tools to break up fights
- Equipment for the ceremony Belian
Now shields are sold as souvenirs / decorator home decor.

Hats flared used to work in the fields or to withstand the sun and rain. Now many processed seraung-seraung small size for household decoration

Tools commonly used for hunting or fighting, known by almost all the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan. It is made of ironwood or shaped like a long stick was given a small hole to put children blowpipe. Blowgun equipped with a spear that was tied tightly at the ends and also comes with a blowgun children and their containers (selup).