Wednesday, 26 September 2012


FISH HEAD Gangan, Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

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Culinary 65 - Gangan Fish Head, Belitung RM. Pandan Marine Jl. No. Pattimura. 22 Water Saga Tanjung Pandan, Belitung Right on hockey, 8/8/08, I flew to Pacific Islands at the invitation of the Department of Tourism Kab Billiton.  

HAS landed at the airport around 16:00 pm Hanandjoedin (1 hour late from the schedule) I was immediately greeted with overcast weather on the island that supposedly serves the tourist beaches of extraordinary beauty. After a short rest and get cleaned up at my place of stay, Hotel Cottage Dreams, I picked up to see the city of Tanjung Pandan and dinner. Heavy rains accompany me tonight.  

The restaurant in the city, many run by ethnic Chinese and unique, because today was the "pretty", so many restaurants which cover: (Finally we "landed" at the restaurant which is located right across from where I stay, RM Pandan Sea.Gangan Fish Head, instantly became my order because based on information from Google om, food is obliged to look for you in the Pacific Islands

Gangan itself is a kind of vegetable is yellow (using turmeric as a spice as main), with sour and spicy. Acidic flavor itself comes from young pineapple pieces can be found in these vegetables. As the basic material used Ketarap Fish Head, fish meat steady. but more remarkable is the skin of the head, thick and chewy, similar to kikil / tunjang that we often encounter in the restaurant field, but softer.  

Anyway that good ... must must must try .... Price: Rp. 20.000/porsiFuel mackerel fish tail, I was confused, what delicious baked fish & meat is certainly a bit? The question was immediately answered when presented in table mackerel fish are quite "big" to feed 3 people ... Burned standard, served with soy sauce and chili paste so obvious belitung distinctive flavor terasinya.  

The meat is really tasty and thick, although the rice on the plate is up, my hands can not help but continue to take the tail meat and mencocolnya mackerel with chilli, until my stomach was screaming "ENOUGH ...." Price Rp. 55.000/kgSpecial Pandan Juice Sea, in fact I've ordered iced lemon, but still curious about the drinks were pretty provakatif, listed number one on the list of the drinks menu.  

How not provocative, look at the mixture: pineapple, tomatoes, carrots, papaya, lime, bitters and honey chicken eggs!!! Drinks yellow viscous presented at my table, sips .... The dominant flavor of the mixture of honey and egg only, so rich in egg yolks and honey drink but a large glass :) accordance thereof, it also is provocative ... Price Rp. 12.500/gelas