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TOMB Dutch soldiers, KERKOFF Peucut

KERKOFF Peucut, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia

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A. Overview 
Kerkoff derived from the Dutch language, which means the grave, while Peucut (Pocut) derived from Poteu cut which means prince. At the gate of the tomb wall reliefs in writing the names of Dutch soldiers who died in battle with the people of Aceh (each relief there are 30 names); combat zones, such as in Sigli, Moekim, Tjot Basetoel, Lambari en Teunom, Cage, Toeanko, Lambesoi, Koewala, Tjot Rang - Pajaoe, Lepong Ara, The Coral - Dango, and Samalanga), and the soldiers died years (1873-1910).  

Among the Dutch soldiers are there some names Marsose soldiers from Ambon, Manado and Java. The soldiers who came from Java Marsose marked with the identity IF (inlander fuselier) behind his name, soldiers from Ambon to mark Amb, soldiers from Manado with MND signs, and Dutch soldiers with an EF / F. Art. 

B. Feature 
On two hectares of land there about 2200 Dutch soldiers graves. Stone-white tombstone-looking lined with tidy. On the left side of the gate was written "In Memoriam Generaal - Majoor JHR Kohler, Gesneuveld, 14 April 1873". 

The cemetery is a symbol of struggle, courage and heroic people of Aceh against the Dutch colonialists. At the time of the Dutch troops landed in Aceh in 1873, Dutch troops led by General Kohler, who then killed in front of Masjid Raya Baiturrahman on April 14, 1873. He was buried in Batavia. At the request of the Governor of Aceh Muzakir Walad as a warning symbol Aceh-Dutch war history, then on May 19, 1978 Kohler's body was moved to Kerkoff. Many local and foreign tourists, especially from the Netherlands who visited the location of this tomb.


C. Location 
The location of the tomb is located in the village of Blower, Municipality of Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia. 

D. Towards Access Locations
Access to the location is very easy, because the Village Blower located in downtown Banda Aceh. Pilgrims can go to the location of the gate is visible from the road in front of the Blang Padang. Many public transport passing through this location, such as taxis, tricycles and engines turtles-turtles. Labi-turtles who is majoring route Kerkoff Lhoknga - Pasar Aceh, Ulelheu - Pasar Aceh, Lamteumen - Pasar Aceh, and Lamlagang - Pasar Aceh.

E. Accommodation 
Due to its location in the middle of Banda Aceh, it is not difficult to find lodging jasmine or any class hotels.


Pict: Colection Teuku Cut Mahmud Aziz