Thursday, 16 June 2011

Selat Baru Beach in Bengkalis

Selat Baru Beach, Bengkalis, Riau, Indonesia

Tourist Attractions and Beaches in Indonesia

A. Brief Information
Selat Baru Beach – its name is derived from the name of a village where the beach lies – is the second most beautiful beach of Bengkalis District following Rupat Beach in the first. The local government takes great care on the maintenance of some supporting facilities to attract the number of tourist arrivals to Bengkalis District, especially to Selat Baru Beach. More than that, some annual and monthly events are routinely held in this place. 

Traditional events like jong boat, gasing, and kite flying competitions are proven to be capable of attracting the number of tourists. Most of the tourists admit that they are interested really much on the Bengkalis people‘s local culture, besides of having holiday in the beach.

B. Distinctive Features
The white sand of Selat Baru Beach spreads over along a two kilometres area, with approximately 200 metres away from the shore. Taking a look across to the sea, you will see Mount Ledang in neighbouring country, Malaysia. There is a folktale existing amongst the local inhabitants that the most famous figures in Malay folklore, Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat, fought in that mount.
Enjoy the beautifully enchanting scenery of sunset and sunrise when hundreds of birds are flying upon the turquoise water of Selat Baru Beach. Feel free to play above the white sands while being accompanied by coconut trees growing around the location.  
C. Location
Selat Baru Beach is located in Selat Baru Village, Bantan Sub-district, Bengkalis District, Riau Province, Indonesia.
D. Access 
Selat Baru Beach lies seven kilometres north of Bengkalis District. From Pekanbaru, you can reach the location by taking water transportation spending about five hours, passing through the Siak River. Besides, you can also take any public land transport from Pekanbaru leading to Siak District via eastern Sumatran traffic lane. Since then, after arriving at Siak, you must continue the trip by taking motorized boat to the location.

E. Accommodation and other Facilities
A port in Bengkalis District now has been able to accommodate ferry boats and many other ships. The port is, likewise, the entrance gate to other regions in Sumatra such as Riau Islands Province. For further development, the local government has planned to build an international airport in Bengkalis so that tourist from foreign countries can easily access the location.