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Ulee Kareng, Aceh
Ulee Kareng, Aceh, Indonesia

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A. Overview 
In Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, has become a tradition for young men to enjoy a coffee in small cafes. The number of coffee shops in Aceh, particularly in Banda Aceh, very many, perhaps most in Indonesia. Coffee shop in Aceh is not the same as the existing coffee shop on the island of Java, because the coffee shop in Aceh looks like a restaurant. Of the many coffee shops in the city of Banda Aceh, there is one coffee shop which is very popular and always full of visitors from morning till night, the coffee shop Ulee Kareng "Dad Services."  
This coffee shop is owned by a man named Nawawi Aceh. Earlier this coffee shop has been around since 1958, but not with the name "Father Services", which is managed by parents Nawawi, who named Haji Mohammed. 

For men in Aceh, a coffee shop not only as a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and some other traditional Acehnese food, but he developed a broader function, such as social functions, namely as a place to strengthen the bonds of solidarity between groups or among friends; political function, be a place of discussion of political issues and good governance at local, national and international, and economic functions, namely as a meeting place and business lobbies. 

B. Feature 
Coffee shop "Service Dad" not only popular in Aceh, but also in Indonesia. His popularity grew after the tsunami in Aceh, as many national and international workers who came to Aceh. Not only the national media carried stories about the uniqueness of aroma and taste of coffee "Services father", but also the international media. 

The specialty aroma and taste derived from the processing of arabica coffee are telling. Coffee was brought in from Lamno, Aceh Jaya regency. Processed by special ways and full of patience, and tenacity, ranging from penyangraian (penggonsengan) to milling. When coffee is roasted, the fire should not be too large, because it can cause kegosongan. After that ground coffee. At the time the coffee will be served, he should be brewed with boiling water to release its fragrant up to several meters and then after it is filtered and ready to be served. Generally visitors who enjoy coffee arabica "Services father", enjoy it while eating a traditional Acehnese dishes, such as cakes sarikaya, timpan cake, sponge cake, martabak eggs, crispy rice (nasi uduk) or noodles Aceh. 

Although his business was a success with a net profit of one day up to approximately Rp. 2,000,000.00, (in one month spent 1.5 tons of coffee) Nawawi still thinking about the life hereafter. Since the tsunami hit Aceh, he began to apply the new rules for visitors in his stall, for which Muslims are required to die shop before arriving dzuhur prayer time, 'Asr, and maghrib. And for those who are not Muslim, not a problem to remain in the stall. For her earthly life and the hereafter must go hand in hand. 

C. Location 
Current events "Services father" was in Road T. Iskandar No. 13-14a, Ulee Kareng district, Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia. 

D. Towards Access Locations 
Access to this location is very convenient, because Sub Ulee Kareng located in the city of Banda Aceh. Many public transport passing through this location, such as: taxi, rickshaw engine and turtles-turtles. Labi-turtles that route Ulee Kareng Coffee Shop is majoring in Ulee Kareng - Pasar Aceh.

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities 
Because of its location in the middle of Banda Aceh, thus not difficult to find lodging or jasmine-class hotels.